Publishing Against the Tide


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Taught by Fiona McCrae, publishing veteran and current publisher of Graywolf Press, recipient of the AWP Best Small Press of the Year award in 2015

Publishers these days tend to favor the familiar and what has worked before. While this can be frustrating for aspiring authors, knowledge is power. In this session, Fiona McCrae, publisher of the award-winning small press Graywolf, will take students on an insider’s tour of the world of small presses. In this climate of consolidation, the Big Five can be a worthwhile but lofty goal, whereas small presses can be uniquely positioned to get attention for new authors, and unfamiliar works of fiction and nonfiction. Fiona will unveil both the opportunities and challenges that come when you publish with a smaller house, sharing a few recent Graywolf success stories and how those stories might help you in your own pursuit of a book deal.

Out of stock