Taught by Abigail ThomasAuthor of six books, including her memoir A Three Dog Life, named a best book of 2006 by the LA Times and Washington Post

Memoir is about what we remember. It is not a just very long CV. It is not a record of every bite of every sandwich chewed and swallowed. Memoir is also what we leave out, and this is also gives each story its shape. There are no rules, which makes this genre both easier and harder to approach. Some of us suffer from having a poor memory and some of us suffer from having total recall, but we all have untapped memories. In this course Abigail Thomas will talk about memory as a creative entity, inspired by events rather than faithful to them, and what we can learn about ourselves when confronted. This course will include exercises designed to wake up memories, stir you, and also give you permission to write more freely. You will leave inspired to write—whether you’re working on a memoir, or a personal essay, or even personal poems. This class in an exploration of memory for any writer who’s ever grappled with its shifting complexities or felt bound by the constraints of not remembering with the hopes that you will leave feeling more freedom to explore and to create.