Taught by Christina Baker KlineAuthor of seven novels, two of which (A Piece of the World and Orphan Train) were New York Times bestsellers

Ever wonder what established working writers talk about among themselves but rarely share with others?

Christina, bestselling author of five novels and author/editor of five nonfiction books, shares her tips, tricks, and hard-earned trade secrets about breaking into the big bad world of book publishing—and staying there. Despite industry crashes and other bumps along the way, Christina has adapted and thrived.  How did she do it?  How is she adjusting her career to keep up with a rapidly changing publishing climate?  What do you need to do to sell your first book … and to pull off a long-term career as a writer?

Christina will first briefly each share the top 12 things she has learned about surviving and thriving in today’s publishing climate, including:

  • the crucial things to know about getting your manuscript ready to submit in this unforgiving market …
  • the economic realities of being a working writer, which rarely means earning a living solely from the words you write ….
  • the best way to find the agent — and publisher that’s right (hint: it may not always be the match of your dreams) …
  • the real skinny on the role of social media: how much — or how little — do you really need to do, and how do you ensure that you still have time to, you know, write?

Then she’ll open the floor. Come with questions, and please don’t be shy. There is no question too great, no question too small.